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Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Slot Tournaments 


The Slotstop team has gathered the best slot tournaments on the net just for you. Most of these free slots tournaments are free to play or have a small entry fee. If you need any help, we at Slotstop are always here to help you. If this page doesn't answer your questions, you can always take a look at each online casino's tournament rules, or email us here at Slotstop. Enjoy!! 


  All Jackpot Grand Prix    Win the Jackpot at All Jackpots Casino Grand Prix - win up to $40,000!  
  Top prize: $40,000 plus prizes    
  Total prizesUp to $20,000    
  Entry fee: FREE    
  CasinoAll Jackpots Casino    
   Win the Jackpot at All Jackpots Casino Grand Prix - win up to $40,000!    


  Titan Slot Tournaments     Play at Casino Titan's Slots Tournamnet and Win Big!  
  Top prize: up to $10,000    
  Total prizesup to $2,500    
  Entry fee: FREE    
  Casino: Casino Titan    
   Play at Casino Titan's Slots Tournamnets and Win Big!    


  $25,000 Monthly Monster    Play $25,000 Monthly Monster Challenge Tournament - win $25,000 at All Slots Casino  
  Top prize: $25,000    
  Total prizes: $25,000    
  Entry fee: $25    
  Casino: All Slots    
   Play $25,000 Monthly Monster Challenge Tournament - win $25,000 at All Slots Casino    


  Daily Slots Tournaments    Play at Winpalace Casino's Daily Slots Tournaments to Win Different Cash Prizez Every Day!  
  Top prize:$20,000    
  Total prizes: up to $20,000     
  Entry fee: FREE    
  Casino: Winpalace Casino    
   Play at Winpalace Casino's Daily Slots Tournaments to Win Different Cash Prizez Every Day!    


Slots tournaments

For those of you who like to play online slots, progressive slots, jackpot slots, and play casino games in general, our team here at Slotstop have brought you this free slots information on one of slot machine games' finest outgrowths: slots tournaments.


Why Play Online Slots?

People enjoy playing slot tournaments for various reasons. Some people play online slots for the thrill of the competition, and slots tournaments allow them to play slot machine games in structures that include other people. Others play at slots tournaments because they are a way one can get their name on a trophy or title. The majority of  people, however, enjoy playing slot tournaments because they know how much money they will lose before they begin to play the slot machine games - because all they have to pay is the Las Vegas slot tournaments entry fee (or many times, can even find a free online slot tournament altogether!).

Easy Slot Machine Games

The popularity of slot tournaments may have something to do with how easy it is to play them. There is not much technique to be learnt if you want to play online slots games, so everybody is at the same level. While you can certainly read up on the rules of slot machines, and see exactly what the terms are during slot tournaments, it all really just come down to luck. Good fortune is vital for achieving victory in slot tournaments.


How To Play Tournaments

In slot tournaments, a player plays a slots machine for a designated amount of time. After being given a certain amount of credit with which to play online slots games, credit  that can only be used once, it is not permitted for the player to use the money won to play further slot machine games. Free slots tournaments work in the same way as normal slots tournaments, the only difference being that the players  do not pay an entry fee.


Slots Tournaments Format

A usual set of guidelines for slot tournaments involves competitors being given 1000 credits, and 20 minutes to spend them in. During the slot machine games, a player's credit decreases every spin. The credits that are won when a competitor plays in slots tournaments are added up separately. At the end of the allotted time, the slot machines do not permit any more play from anyone. All unused credit is deleted and each player's score is tallied up and subsequently compared with all of the of other players of the tournament.



Slot Tournaments Winner

Once the slot tournaments, or free online slots competitions, are over, the results are announced on screen and the winner is rewarded with a cash prize, which can be claimed at the casino payment checkout. Afterwards, the winner can then continue to play online casino slots until the next slots tournaments come around.


Slot Tournaments Runner Ups 

A nice thing about really huge slots tournaments online is that there may be the chance of runner up winner and not just everyone losing except for one lucky person. Tournaments like these often go on for several weeks instead of several hours, and there is nearly always a buy-in. But once you pay the entry fee once, you are normally covered until the end of the tournament. These kinds of slots tournaments are not as common as the half a day long or twenty-four hour long tournaments that go on daily at nearly all online casinos. However, whenever you find a HUGE slots tournament like this, don't let it get away!


Go and Play Online Slots Tournaments 

Now that you've got your head around slot tournaments and their formats, go and play slot machines games at a quality online casino (such as WinPalace Casino and Slotland Casino), and see if you have what it takes to be a slot tournament champion! Find a fun and competitive slots tournament right now!!


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