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Fri, Jan 30, 2015

How to play Online Slots

On the following pages you'll learn how to play slots. First, we'll teach you the basic online slots rules. After that, you'll read about the online slot games in general and about each category of those slot machine games. In order to move from one subject to another, just click on your favorite.


Video Slots | 5 Reel Slots


Online slots with 5 reels - known as Video Slots


Online slot games come in various shapes and sizes -3 reels, progressive slots, free bonus slots, poker slots, slots tournaments etc. etc... No matter what the pretence though, they will need a number of reels to spin. The right number for many slots fans isn't 3 reels, but 5. With more symbols to look for, more paylines and more winning options- no wonder the 5 reel slots games are becoming more popular every day. Video slots can be quite lucrative. We've actually heard of several cases in which players turned a $50-$100 investment into a $100,000 payout.
Online slots games become a world of fun with so many symbols and paylines to play with.


Explain online video slots to me (well, if you asked...)


Online video slots have evolved from video slot machines in land based casinos, and before that from standard 3 or 5 reel slots. 5 reel slots in the casino are basically the same game as five reel online video slots. Online slots games have simply copied a virtual format that was employed on the casino floor as an alternative to the standard slot machines. That being said, online video slots are more versatile than their casino counterparts; 5 reel slots (link to list of 5 reel slots) of this kind come in a huge array of designs, and with many more free offers than you'd find in the 'normal' casino...


Free online slots offers aplenty!


Free online slots have become a standard feature of the internet. Virtual casinos give away buckets of free online slots credit to attract customers. You can use this credit for free online slots sessions, and then move onto the free bonus slots.


Free bonus slots 


Free bonus slots are slot machines that give you extra rounds in which you can tot up the cash for nothing. These online slots games- link to 5 reel list (come as 3, 5 and 7 reel slots systems.


The different variations of online slot games


Online slots games with more than 3 reels can get really interesting. 5 reel slots have multiple bets and jackpot options which aren't available to the lower reel variety. (don't forget to check out our guide on how to play the exciting progressive slots too!)


Online video slots are ready to roll


You can play online video slots today, or play free slots at most websites - and do it right now. Our Slotstop experts know what's good for you! Start with nice slot machine games with your next click! If you need a tip as to where to play- click here! (slots main page)





Top Online Casinos

  # Casino Name US $£€ Slotstop Rank    
  1 Prime Slots Prime Slots US not accepted $ € £ 9.75 Review Visit
  2 Bet At EU Casino Bet At EU Casino US not accepted $ € £ 9.55 Review Visit
  3 Cool Cat Casino Cool Cat Casino US Accepted $ € £ 9.53 Review Visit
  4 Paddy Power Casino Paddy Power Casino US not accepted € £ 9.45 Review Visit
  5 Ladbrokes Casino Ladbrokes Casino US Accepted $ € £ 9.43 Review Visit

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