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Thu, Jan 29, 2015

Online Payment

Since there are so many options for online payment methods, the wisest thing to do is check each of them out. But going to each online payment website takes a lot of time, and since none of us have that, I have summarized each online payment method for you so you can decide for yourself.


Which Online Payment is Right for You?

There are several online payments when depositing money in an online casino. Since nearly every casino offers a variety to choose from, it is in your best interest to know as much as you can about each deposit and withdrawal method. I have personally reviewed the below online payments and go into as much detail as is necessary for you to make an educated decision as to which payment method is right for you. After you make the choice, check out our expert opinion on the best online casinos, and play online slots! (you can also look up exciting upcoming slot tournaments).


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Most popular payments for online casinos


This credit card is available for use around the world, but US players will be rejected when trying to deposit money in online casinos. Used in over 20,000 joint-financial companies and institutions...Read More

Opened in 1966, it is now available in 220+ countries, with 25,000+ financial institutions. Amazing customer support, but difficult to use for US residents in many online casinos...Read More

First credit card ever created (in 1949), but was initially exclusive to use in restaurants. Is now considered more to be a charge card then a credit card. Used in over 2—countries in over 70 currencies and has 20,000+ merchants and financial institutions using it...Read More

This is a debit card that is owned by MasterCard. It is available in 100+ countries and is used by nine million businesses, and anywhere the MasterCard logo is accepted. It is easier to get a Maestro card than a credit card because the funds come out of your bank account right away...Read More

This e-wallet method is accepted in over thirty countries and has support in twelve languages, and used by millions of customers. Easy to use and set up (but not available in the US)...Read More

Opened in 1999 (but has withdrawn from the US market since 2007 and restricts Canadians from using it for gambling purposes). This e-wallet method is used in 160+ countries, uses eighteen currencies, and has support in ten languages...Read More

This is an e-wallet option that has been around since the early 2000s. Easy and fast to register for, to use, and very, very safe and secure! Accepts US and Canadian residents...Read More

Other online payments 

Wire Transfer
Is also referred to as an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). You are required to get an IBAN (International Bank Account No,) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) to use this method...Read More

Eco Card
Started in 2000 as a prepaid virtual debit card. It is accepted in 25+ countries and supports nine languages and twenty-three currencies. Very easy and fast to set up an account and then even faster to use it...Read More

Bank Draft
One of the oldest ways to transfer funds. Can take 10 days to 3 weeks for the withdrawal to clear (and comes in check-form)...Read More

Opened in April 2003 in Canada, if you use this method, you are required to have an Canadian bank account. Easy (and free) to sign up for...Read More

Click and Buy
Opened the summer of 2000 in Germany. There are 14,000 merchants around the world that use it. Can be used worldwide, even in the US (but not in the US for transferring funds to online casinos)...Read More

Newest e-wallet method from the Citadel Commerce Corporation (established 1999). You’re all signed up after four easy steps, and uses sixteen currencies. Great customer service...Read More

You can buy this card in 20,000+ locations around Europe (most are in the UK). This is a European-friendly card, is available only in Pounds, and can be bought in increments of £25, 50, or 100. Although you can’t buy this card online, it is very easy to use online...Read More

This prepaid card was started in 2000 and there are no handling fees or interest charges. But you have to pay when you reload money onto the card. Is accepted anywhere Visa is accepted...Read More

Opened in 1997, there are currently 5.3 million Solo debit cards being used. It is very popular amongst the younger population because it can be gotten as young as age 11 in some banks. Available only in banks in the UK...Read More

Started in 2000, and is available in 28 countries. You by vouchers for this method in 20 to 100 Euros. You can issue a voucher in more than 300,000 places globally...Read More

Was opened in 2002 as a way to transfer funds from bank to bank safely. Over 1.6 billion banking customers use it, and is known for its amazing telephonic and email support...Read More

In order to open an account, you have to receive an invitation (but you can get this from an online casino you play at). It is VERY US-friendly, and has been opened since 2007. Very excusive, very private, very safe...Read More

Visa Electron
Was created by Visa in the 1980s and is the debit card version of the Visa conglomerate. It has 20,000+ merchants and institutions using/accepting it around the world...Read More

eWallet Xpress
Opened in 2002 and is only for Canadian and US residents. Fantastic support (that includes Live Chat!). Easy to set up, linked directly to your bank account, and you have several options with how to fund things: Instant, Checking/ACH, Online Bill Payment (for Canadian citizens only) Bank Wire, and Money Order...Read More

Courier Check
You can only withdraw with this option and takes 3-5 business days to come as opposed to 15-21 business days for a check sent by regular mail. You can also withdraw more money than a regular check. US residents can withdraw with this option...Read More

Opened in 1998 and taken over by eBay in 2002. It is available in 190 countries, and you can open an account as a Student, Premier, or Business (you only have to pay a fee for Premier and Business accounts once a month)...Read More

Opened in 1996, more than 300,000 merchants use this method. The fees are lower compared to other online payments. US and Canadian residents can use this option...Read More

Opened in 1997, you can use all currencies. There is a maximum 48 hour processing period to make sure the funds are in your account. Site is translated into three languages...Read More

Quick Tender
Opened in 2000, it can be used anywhere you see the UseMyWallet logo. It is available in nearly 200 websites, and is known for its great support (with Live Chat)...Read More

Stands for Automated Clearing House, and has been around since the 1970s. It is for use in the US only. Not the easiest to set up, but very low in fees...Read More

Opened in 1999, there are now options: Direct (International), Direct (Canada), Remittance (US residents can use this one only), and MyCitadel (the e-wallet option)...Read More

Originally opened as an alternative to American Express, it was opened in1965. In 2002, it merged with MasterCard and can be opened in the MasterCard website. Most popular in the Scandinavian countries...Read More

Often referred to as PaySpark, you actually sign up for at the online casino or online website you are planning on using it. It’s available in seven languages and you are only charged a fee when you reload money into your account...Read More

Western Union
This is probably one of the oldest money transfer options, opened in 1851 originally to send telegraphs. There are around 370,000 agent locations in 200+ countries. Has great customer service and is a very trusted payment method...Read More

Opened in 1989 and was originally used in the Japanese financial market. Now it is used in 18+ countries (even in 8 US states) and accepted in over 190 countries. There are around 60 million customers that have this credit card...Read More


There are so many choices, you really can't go wrong!

All of them keep your banking/credit card/debit card information as private as possible (you will only need to divulge these details to the method of your choice, and then you can use the payment option at hundreds of casino sites). Some of these methods are more trusted then others (so you’ll find more merchants and websites accept them); some restrict gambling for US residents; and some require a more in-depth registration. Regardless of which one you choose, they are all safer than giving your bank or credit/debit card details to multiple places. Since there are so many choices, you first need to decide which kind you are looking to do. If you use a credit card, like making a Visa casino transaction, you might run into problems depositing money in an online casinos and online casino slots if you are from the US (the merchant code, which is usually “online gambling” conflicts with the gambling restrictions that are on the US market). But otherwise (and if US customers use Visa or other credit cards for purchases other than Visa casino deposits), you can use a credit card with nearly anything online.

Then there are ewallet online payment methods, like PayPal casino, Moneybookers casino, or Click2Pay casino transactions. All of these link your credit card, debit card, or bank account to any method you choose, and then when you want to make a deposit or withdrawal, you simply write your username and password rather than giving your personal banking details to any merchant or venue online.

Be sure to read up on all of the online payment methods I have reviewed. Some of these choices restrict certain countries (quite a lot are not US resident friendly with regards to casino transactions since the gambling laws with regards to online gambling are somewhat indecisive), so it is obviously important if your country is eligible for making casino transactions. However, since there are so many choices, you really can’t go wrong! If you're having trouble you can always check out our recommended free slots, too.



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