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Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Why every woman should play

Just for ladies

We have all heard about how playing online casino has its advantages especially if you are WOMAN:


1) You can show your man that you too can play and earn more money than him. Usually guys disrespect us, women, if we earn more money than they do. It hurts their Ego. It can be a pleasure to show them that we can do better.


2) It is so obvious why to play casino online - You get to play online at home. While some may think that has little to do with the overall performance of your slots or poker game, think again. When you are comfortable, when you are not distracted and you wear your pajamas, you play better. You can focus on your skills and strategy, not the chaos that is going on around you. Playing online casino from your home in a reputable website such as WinPalace Casino or Bodog Casino, rather than dealing with the noise and lights of an actual offline casino, gives you time to think and concentrate. This helps you play better, which helps you win.


3) The payout rates tend to be higher on online casino compared to land-based casinos. And this is true. Multiple factors stack in your favor online and help heighten your chances of winning. We will outline some of those factors here, showing you just why online casino sites are the best route to take. After all, who doesn't want a chance to make a profit?


4) Online Casinos are more tailored to better odds, through the computer software itself. These are ruled by Random Number Generator systems. They do not have memories and they are designed to rule out cheating. We know it may seem like an easier thing for websites to take all of your money. If you are not watching a dealer's movements, how can you know what is happening? The software is meant to give you a fair chance. The computer, despite your initial misgivings, will never cheat you.


5) Playing at online casinos makes it easier for you to win. You don't have to deal with people. You don't have to hide your face under dark glasses and a ball cap, hoping that players won't be able to spot a tell. This makes winning a simpler thing since it comes down to battles of skill, not deception


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