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Wed, Jan 28, 2015

Slot Glossary

3 Reel Slots - Generally a higher player advantage than 5-Reel machines as the odds of a winning combination occuring is higher with less reels, however all payouts are determined by the RNG and the preset (payout percentage) for that machine. Payouts are generally less than those offered on 5-Reel machines.


5 Reel Slots - Generally a lower player advantage than 3-Reel machines as the odds of a winning combination occuring is lower with more reels, however all payouts are determined by the RNG and the preset (payout percentage) for that machine. Payouts are usually more than those offered on 3-Reel machines.


Bankroll - Your budget. Refers to the available amount in which the player has to gamble


Bet Amount - An amount indicated on the machine as to how many credits are being played at any given time, generally from 1-10, however there are now machines that allow up to 200 credits to be gambled at one time.


Bet Max - To bet the maximum amount of credits at a time (varies for each machines), for each reel spin.


Betting Limit - Each machine has an established minimum and maximum limit which can be wagered on one bet.


Bonus Feature - On bonus Slots, a combination will start the bonus feature which allows the player to add to their payout. It usually involves either another game play or free bonus spins.


Bonus Multiplier Slots - On this kind of slot machine you will be awarded a bonus for playing the maximum number of coins per spin. For example: If you bet 1 coin per spin, a combination pays out 4 coins, had you played 2 coins per spin that combination would pay 8 coins, but had you played 3 coins per spin you would have won 20 coins. As you can see there is a bonus of 6 coins awarded for playing the max. coins per spin. (20-12=6).


Buy-Your-Pay - Rare machine that has more payout options if you play max coins. Playing a single coin would only activate one set of winning combos, while playing max coins would unlock more.


Cash Out Button - If a player wishes to collect winnings or cash-out his/her position, pressing the cash-out button returns players credits to the coin tray or in some cases prints a receipt that can be cashed at the cashier or cage.


Coin Size - The size of a bet on a single spin. For instance, if you wish to play a quarter slot, the coin size is a quarter.


Coins per spin - The number of coins that you are able to play for each spin of the reels.


EGM - "Electronic Gaming Machine" or Video Slot.


Free Spins - These are spins which are awarded for free when a certain combination of generally "usually 3 scatter symbols or more" appear on the screen.


Fruit Machine (Fruity) - English slang for slot machine, where the symbols are different kinds of fruit - like cherries, melons, peaches and bananas. Particularly those found in pubs: "pub fruities".


Hold - This is the percentage of coins played that are held by the machine, the house profit. In most cases this number is roughly 3% to 15% and up.


Hot Slots - Online slots with a frequent payout setting. Also Loose Slots.


Jackpot - A win situation for a player, the jackpot amount varies on the winning combination produced by the RNG and the payout-schedule for that combination. A printed payout schedule is located on the front of the machine for the players reference.


Liberty Bell - The name of the first 3-reel slot machine developed by Charles Fey. The machine name was derived from it's bell tone that would ring whenever a jackpot was won.


Linked Machines - The purposes of linking machines is to offer players a large jackpot amount (higher than that achieve on a singular machine), each slot machine in the group contributes a small amount to the progressive jackpot amount, the amount continues to grow until it is won, if a player wins the jackpot, the jackpot amount is reset to the sole machine maximum payout figure.


Loose/Tight Slots - Loose slots will have better payoffs, as high as a ‘certified’ 100%, on average over a period time. Tight slots are the opposite.


Max Bet - The largest amount of coins you are allowed to play on one spin. Even if you are playing a quarter slot, most allow for a max bet of two or more coins in order to win a larger payout should you hit on a winning combo.


Multiline - Slot versions having more than two pay lines to form winning combinations.


Odds - Refers to the probability of an event in slots of a winning combination occurring.


One Armed Bandit - A "slang" name given to the slot machine back in the 1940's given that the mob had significant interest in many casinos, it is still used today, as loosing money on slot machines is like being robbed.


Online Slots - Online slot machines work in the same manner as slot machines that you'll find at any casino. The outcome of any winning or loosing combination is determined by the RNG. To play online slots for real money requires you to have an account with an online (internet) casino.


Pay Table - Chart on a Slot machine that shows how much money is won on every type of winning combination.


Payline - The winning line or lines on a Slot machine, as indicated by the pay table. Refers to a straight or even zig-zagged line that crosses through each symbol on the each reel in which the winning combination would be evaluated.


Payout Amount - This refers to the maximum possible payout or jackpot a machine will pay given a favourable winning combination.


Payout Percentage - The amount of every wager put into a Slot machine that is given back to the customer as a win, or payout. If a machine is said to have a 98% payout percentage, then that means that 98 cents out of every dollar is given back to customers in payouts, while the two cents leftover is the casino"s take.


Pick'Em style bonus - A bonus where the player has to select from a number of symbols to reveal prizes


Progressive Jackpot - A jackpot that accumulates the more bets are placed through the machine or network of machines. Individual progressive jackpot is one that builds on an individual machine. Multiple or linked progressive jackpots buils across a network of many machines and sometimes many casinos. These can reach millions of dollars and are played by many people often at the same time. Online Progressive Jackpot slot machines are generally miltiple progressives and are linked which means the jackpots grow bigger faster.


Progressive Slots - Played on slot machines that are linked together, the jackpot amount is much higher than stand-alone machine, the jackpot amount continues to rise until won and at that time all machines are reset to a jackpot minimum. Generally requires a maximum bet.


Random Number Generator (RNG) - A computer program used by online casinos to randomly pick times for all wins, small or Progressive. This type of sophisticated program ensures that all wins and payouts are fair and honest for the customers.


Reels - The wheels inside of the Slot machine that spin around when in play. Where they land determines if a play is a win or not.


Scatter - These are symbols that produce a win regardless of if they are in order or even on a payline. A combination of two or more of these symbols scattered throughout the visible symbols generally on a 5 line slot machine will yield a win.


Sim Slots - Short for simulating slot machine or video slot (also called free slots).


Slot Machine - There are 3 main types of slot machines 3-reel, 5-reel and Progressive Slots, these reels have different symbols printed on them, and given a certain outcome the player wins, a win is determined by a RNG at the time the reels start spinning and the reels simply reflect that win or lose situation.


Slots Tournament - Many online casinos run online slots freerolls, where you get a certain bankroll for free. The persone at the end of the tournament who has built the largest pot wins the tournament and scops the top prize.


Spin Button - The spin button on a slot machine acts in the same manner as the lever found on the right-hand side of the machine, when pressed the RNG selects a series of numbers which depending on the outcome of that selection producing either a winning or loosing combination (outcome) for the player.


Substitute (also Wild) - On some Slot machines, this is a symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol in order for a payout to occur.


Symbols - The pictures on the reels used to determine wins. The traditional ones include stars, fruit and numbers, but today can include just about anything that stays with the theme of the machine.


Tilt - Common name for a Slot machine malfunction. Usually a malfunction voids all plays and you must wait till it is fixed to play again.


Video Slots - Similar to a slot machine but the mechanical reels have been replaced by a video screen.


Wager - Also referred to as a bet is used to described the action of a player that risks money in return for a favourable outcome in the game.


Winning Combination - The different combinations of symbols on the reels that must hit on a machine in order for a payout to occur.


Zombie - Slang term for a player who sits at the same machine and plays it over and over mindlessly, without switching machines or any other variation at all.

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